Vegan Baileys? Not so fast

Baileys AlmandeVegans across the Internet were buzzing yesterday with news that Baileys, everybody’s favourite Irish whiskey cream, is launching a vegan version.

Ads for Baileys Almande, made with almond milk and vanilla, boast that it contains no dairy and is gluten-free. So why didn’t Diageo, the multinational alcoholic beverage company that owns Baileys, go a step further and declare it vegan?

“We currently do not test our products at this time to claim that they are Vegan,” wrote Sam, a Baileys representative, in an email. “However we do track if a product contains milk, eggs or fish/shellfish on our website.”

But since the product is not available (in Canada at least) until June, “this product is not listed on the above website yet as it is not available at the current time,” Sam added.

So don’t go celebrating with a splash of Baileys Almande in your coffee just yet.


One thought on “Vegan Baileys? Not so fast

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